The Participate initiative is a global network of participatory research organisations.  It works to ensure that marginalised people have a central role in holding decision-makers to account, from local to global levels.

Participate has launched a new phase, the Participatory Monitoring and Accountability (PMA) programme, which focuses on the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participate aims to:

  • Bring perspectives of those in poverty into decision-making processes
  • Embed participatory research in global policy-making
  • Use research with the poorest as the basis for advocacy with decision-makers
  • Ensure that marginalised people have a central role in holding decision-makers to account throughout the life of the SDGs
  • Generate knowledge, understanding and relationships for the global public good

Being Young in Delft illustrates the difficulties young people in this South African Township face. As much as individuals want good lives for themselves, obstacles feel insurmountable and youth are faced with no other alternative but relief in the forms of substance use. Drug dependency is closely linked to gangsterism and both lead to violence and often death.

TODAY, 29th Nov 2016: We are very excited to release the national report from our Participatory Monitoring and Accountability (PMA) Project, which has focused on building accountability for safer and more inclusive cities. This report describes a participatory research process facilitated by the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation (SLF) in 2016. It is the result of a one-year partnership between SLF and the Delft Safety Group. The report provides a way to understand the challenges people are facing every day in urban township settings in South Africa with regards to safety and security, violence, corruption and the police. The PMA Project forms part of the Participate initiative, which is coordinated by the Institute for Development Studies and member of of the Together 2030 campaign.

If you need more information on the work SLF is doing in South Africa, get in touch: or follow them @SLF_RSA