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All voices must be taken into account

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By Carlos Cortez Este artículo también está disponible en español Do we really know what the most vulnerable and marginalised in our country, society, and planet need in order to improve their situation and walk together towards the achievement of a more fair, egalitarian and sustainable world? Reflecting critically on what has been done to […]

Give the people access to means of livelihood

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Mwangi Waituru A version of this post was originally published on the Beyond 2015 blog. After two days of deliberations aimed at charting a common vision for the ‘building blocks to economic prosperity’, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are sending out a message of hope to the world leaders – ‘our people are not waiting for […]

Escuchemos todas las voces

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By Carlos Cortez This blog is also available in English ¿Realmente sabemos lo que requiere la gente más pobre y vulnerable de nuestro país, de nuestra sociedad, de nuestro planeta, para mejorar su situación y para avanzar todos hacia formas de convivencia más justas, equitativas, sostenibles y democráticas? Platicando con la gente, escuchando sus preocupaciones, […]

Post-2015 civil society consultations: Our shared perspectives

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Danny Burns Yesterday saw the opening of activities related to the High Level Panel (HLP) meeting in Monrovia. Civil society organisations (CSOs) from across the world engaged in discussions about what to present to the High Level Panel at the official CSO Outreach meeting on Wednesday. We were interested to see whether the issues that […]

Participate to play a key role at the Post-2015 High Level Panel in Monrovia

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Catherine Setchell and Danny Burns Participate is playing a major part in the official High Level Panel agenda in Monrovia this week. On Wednesday, we will be sharing early research findings with HLP members and their advisors, which set out key recommendations from those who are living in poverty and who are most marginalised.  We […]