Participate to play a key role at the Post-2015 High Level Panel in Monrovia

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Danny BurnsCatherine Setchell

Catherine Setchell and Danny Burns

Participate is playing a major part in the official High Level Panel agenda in Monrovia this week.

On Wednesday, we will be sharing early research findings with HLP members and their advisors, which set out key recommendations from those who are living in poverty and who are most marginalised.  We will also be showing them a film that illustrates how policies to improve the lives of the poorest can fail if local people aren’t fully involved in decision-making processes.

The early findings are part of a synthesis of recent participatory research programmes from over 57 countries which drew on seven global studies carried out by the Listening Project, Reflect, PPP (People’s Perspectives on Peace-Making), Stepping Stones, ATD 4th World, Children in a Changing Climate and CLTS (Community-Led Total Sanitation). The final synthesis report will be ready for the High Level Panel in Bali in March 2013.Community members discuss the issues in the drama in Kakuri Gwari , Kaduna Credit: The Theatre for Development Centre, Nigeria

Participate will have 90 minutes to work together with members to explore the implications of the early findings and case studies from this research for post-2015 policy-making and a future framework.  We are hoping that by the end of the discussions HLP members will have formulated key messages which will directly impact on the High Level Panel report.

The synthesis outlines eight key messages which have consistently emerged from those living in poverty and who are most excluded. We will be posting these, along with the early findings report on Wednesday. The film will be launched separately on Friday.

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