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Erika Lopez FrancoErika is responsible for convening the network of 18 participatory research studies; mainly supporting the Participatory Research Group (PRG) members in methods innovation and their research processes; and linking them with the rest of the IDS Coordination team and convenors. She was also part of the team who wrote the report on the synthesis of findings and has contributed to the other outputs such as the Ground Level Panel (GLP) report, policy-briefings and reporting. Read Erika’s biography on the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) website

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Shaking Accountability in Mexico

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Three weeks have passed since 19th September and in the aftermath of the earthquakes Mexico’s ‘accountability ecosystem’[1] appears to be thriving.  With the upcoming presidential, and lower and upper chamber, elections in 2018, the political elites are facing a growing tide of fed-up citizens taking action for real change. My work, and that of many […]

Exploring the power of Participatory Video in Bolivia

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Version disponible en español aqui “The work with Participatory Video allowed us to recognise and prioritise our experiences arising from our daily work and embark in things that before we didn’t allow ourselves (or we weren’t allowed to do)…” One of the key activities of the Participate initiative is putting cameras in the hands of […]

Explorando el poder del Video Participativo en Bolivia

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Compañeros de la red de investigación Participate de Bolivia, Perú, Guatemala y México, se reunieron en abril para explorar el poder del Video Participativo como una herramienta para la reflexión colectiva, la discusión de problemáticas sociales, la investigación e incidencia social. Este blog presenta las reflexiones de uno de los participantes.