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Neva FrechevilleNeva Frecheville is the lead policy analyst on the post-2015 development agenda for CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development), heading up the organisation’s work on what should come after the Millennium Development Goals. In this role, she co-chaired the global civil society campaign, Beyond 2015, from 2012 – 2014 and acted as the link between the campaign and the Participate initiative, convening Participate’s advocacy work stream, also supports Participate, the global participatory research network providing in-depth high quality evidence for the post-2015 process from the perspectives of people experiencing poverty and marginalisation.

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Welcome to the Data Revolution Advisory Group – but will it be a revolution driven by people?

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Article by Neva Frecheville, originally posted on CAFOD policy team blog, Serpents and Doves A warm welcome to Ban Ki-Moon’s new independent expert advisory group on the data revolution. While the data revolution conversation has been bubbling away over the last year, it’s been difficult to see how it will be brought into the official post-2015 […]

What’s missing from the data revolution? People.

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The UN High Level Panel report on the post-2015 development agenda confirmed that the data revolution is high on the political agenda by including it as one of their five transformational shifts. Since then, the conversation has snowballed, with some heavy weights adding their support. Neva Frecheville argues that the data revolution is too technocratic and if we don’t address power dynamics behind this ‘revolution’ it will not be transformational.