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When World Cup football imitates the MDGs

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The World Cup game between Brazil and Germany was quite similar to the Millennium Development Goals in several ways. In 2001, the MDGs came into effect.  Like yesterday’s game, they were eight goals. Last night, it was Germany, a developed country playing against Brazil, an emerging economy. Similarly, the MDGs represented a contract between the developed countries […]

Setting the moral compass for the post-2015 framework

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Neve Frecheville, lead policy analyst for CAFOD and former chair of the Beyond 2015 campaign addressed participants at the President of the UN General Assembly’s High Level Event on human rights and rule of law this week (10 June). The following blog is an adaptation of her presentation. The points she raises are informed by […]

Participate response to the Open Working Group ‘Focus Area Document’

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On 14 March 2014, Participate responded to the Open Working Group (OWG) Focus Area Document, urging members to listen to the voices of those living in greatest poverty and to ensure that the words ‘leave no-one behind’ become enshrined in the post-2015 agenda. In 2013, Participate and its partners carried out research in which people […]