Seminar: How can people and organisations catalyse sustainable change?

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October 30, 2013
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Institute of Development Studies
Library Road, Brighton, BN1 9RE

Participate partners from grassroots organisations and activist movements in Uganda, Ghana, Mexico, Bolivia, Kenya and Bosnia and Herzegovina will discuss visions for change in development based on the life experiences and stories of people living in greatest poverty and marginalisation. The partners were amongst 17 organisations in the Participate network that conducted participatory research which has recently been synthesised within the report: ‘Work with us: How people and organisations can catalyse sustainable change’. The analysis of this research led to the formulation of a set of principles to inform efforts to tackle poverty and injustice. The speakers will draw on the lessons from their research to discuss the implications of what works in development for the poorest and most marginalised in relation to these principles:

• Rights, recognition and dignity for all;
• Inclusion, solidarity and collective action;
• Participation, accountability and democratic institutions;
• Services and policies which respond to the needs of the poorest

Chair and panellists:


  • Joanna Wheeler (Research Fellow, Participation Power and Social Change Team, IDS)


This event will be livestreamed (link to come soon), and your participation, questions and comments are welcome: on facebook, Participate twitter and Work with us twitter.

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