Ground Level Panels

Deliberating High Level Panel proposals for a post-2015 global development framework from Ground Level perspectives

In June and July 2013, Participate facilitated four ‘Ground Level Panels’ in Egypt, Brazil, Uganda and India to mirror the UN High Level Panel for a post-2015 development agenda. The Ground Level Panels comprised a diverse group of 10-12 participants experiencing poverty, insecurity and exclusion on a daily basis.

Participants, including urban slum-dwellers, disabled people, ex-slaves and bonded labourers, sexual minorities, people living in conflict and natural disaster-affected areas, rural poverty, or geographically isolated communities, nomadic and indigenous people, and internally displaced people evaluated the UN High Level Panel’s (HLP) recommendations for a post-Millennium Development Goal framework. They made their own recommendations of what is needed in global development policy to end poverty, based on ‘ground level’ experience.

The Ground Level Panel discussions took place over six days in each country. On the final day, outreach events were held where the Panelists presented their recommendations to local and national audiences, including decision-makers, the media and civil society organisations. Recommendations were communicated to the UN High Level Panel and decision-makers involved in developing the post-2015 development framework, as a reality check to their proposals. The outreach days were an opportunity for the media and decision-makers to interact with the Ground Level Panelists to hear their perspectives of what needs to change and how change must happen if it is to be sustainable.

Read more about the individual Ground Level Panel processes and their proposals in Brazil, India, Uganda and Egypt by following the links below.

A synthesis report of the four Ground Level Panels was produced, that critically assesses the UN High Level Panel’s recommendations for a post-2015 development agenda, from the viewpoint of those experiencing poverty, insecurity and exclusion. Download the report here. You can read the individual Ground Level Panel reports on each country page.

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