Uganda Ground Level Panel Communiqué

Restless Development facilitated a ‘Ground Level Panel’ in July 2013 in Uganda. The Panel was comprised of a diverse group of twelve men and women living with poverty and marginalisation, including people from the Batwa community, and Karamoja sub-region and Kampala slums.

The twelve panelists brought their diverse experiences of poverty and social exclusion to deliberate the policy proposals recommended by the UN High Level Panel (HLP) of Eminent Persons for a post- Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) agenda for development. The panelists offered insights into how the post-2015 framework might impact at the local level, based on their lived experiences of poverty. The Ground Level Panel produced a final communiqué of the outcomes of their deliberations. Download the communiqué at the link below.

More information:é-July-2013.pdf