Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND)

‘I Want to be Heard!’ Experiences of Marginalisation and Poverty from the Perspectives of Palestinian Women

MEND works to promote active nonviolence and open media in East Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank. Acutely marginalised women from these contexts have made films that include their own voices, to communicate their experiences on issues that they think are important.

Research activities & outputs

Un-happy Birthday

This story describes the situation faced by Palestinian women behind the separation Wall. Through participatory video it is possible to see how ‘development’ is not only about income, health or education; it also entails a feeling of freedom, dignity and hope.

Blue ID Green ID

This is a simple story, of a man and a woman discussing a time when they could visit Jerusalem freely without IDs; now it is a struggle for families to see each other as they have to have the correct ID to travel across borders.