Oneworld- Platform for South East Europe Foundation (OWPSEE)

LGBTIQA Activism in the Western Balkans

OWPSEE is a civil society network connecting communities from the Western Balkans and enabling their interaction on issues for positive social change. Working through visual methods to expose issues and build opportunities for action with extremely marginalised groups in the Western Balkans.

Research activities & outputs

Digital Stories from the Balkans

These digital stories speak of the courage and creativity of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) activists in the Balkans, and the ways in which they navigate the cruelty of homophobic oppression and find a second home and acceptance in the LGBT community.

My chosen family

Danijel lost the connection with his mother when he told her he was gay.
Today, Danijel is an activist with Queer Montenegro, currently working to organise the first Pride event in Montenegro (27 October). He speaks of the courage and strength his new-found LTGB ‘family’ have given him.

Always look on the bright side of life

Danilo is an activist from Okvir, one of a handful of LGBT organisation based in Bosnia and Herzegovina that sustain an active and inclusive approach against homophobia. In his digital story, Danilo reflects upon a turning point in his personal development journey ‘coming out’ and becoming an LGBT activist.

He speaks of how this 'new family' culture generated his desire to give and support others. He speaks of his newly felt feelings of being needed, appreciated, respected and with a sense of belonging.

Beautiful, Beautiful

Dragana is a young activist constantly on the move. She tells a story about how her knitting passion unites her with others, including other lesbian activists. Dragana recalls the collective act of wrapping tree branches in rainbow coloured scarves to celebrate 17 May – International Day Against Homophobia. The activists' efforts are rewarded when they see how this act and their rainbow tree brings joy, hope and a sense of belonging to a passerby.

The Fighter

The Fighter is a young man from Kosovo. He did not want to disclose himself and he also asked us to change his voice. The Fighter loves his family and they love and care for him. And despite being seemingly open to LGBT rights before they discovered he was gay, they now insult and judge him, and the LGBT community. However, The Fighter fought back. He saw beyond his family’s cruel acts and words, and reached for their values. He rooted his behaviour at home and his social justice activism in these values of social justice, and today fights against all social injustices.