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We stride forward in the hope of success

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As the final Ground Level Panel of the four GLPs hosted in Egypt, Brazil, Uganda and India, Praxis in India has just concluded their panel. In this blog article, Tom Thomas reflects on the frustrations felt by the panelists of their experience of marginalisation and living in extreme poverty in contrast to their determination and hope to make a significant change.

Awêre para Kisile: Brazil Ground Level Panel

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At the beginning of July ATD Fourth World in Brazil facilitated a Ground Level Panel comprised of people living in poverty and marginalisation, to mirror the UN High Level Panel for a post-2015 development agenda. In this blog article, Mariana Guerra, ATD Fourth World reflects on the four-day discussions.

UN High Level Panel engages with the Participate initiative in Monrovia, Liberia

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At the UN High Level Panel (HLP) meeting in Monrovia this month, Participate ran a 90-minute interactive workshop session with members of the HLP and their advisors, to share a synthesis of early research findings that would inform the post-2015 debates. Panel members explored key recommendations from those who are living in poverty and who […]

All voices must be taken into account

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By Carlos Cortez Este artículo también está disponible en español Do we really know what the most vulnerable and marginalised in our country, society, and planet need in order to improve their situation and walk together towards the achievement of a more fair, egalitarian and sustainable world? Reflecting critically on what has been done to […]

Escuchemos todas las voces

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By Carlos Cortez This blog is also available in English ¿Realmente sabemos lo que requiere la gente más pobre y vulnerable de nuestro país, de nuestra sociedad, de nuestro planeta, para mejorar su situación y para avanzar todos hacia formas de convivencia más justas, equitativas, sostenibles y democráticas? Platicando con la gente, escuchando sus preocupaciones, […]