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Participation and post-2015 goals: Rhetoric as usual?

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As global governments begin to negotiate and agree on a framework for a development agenda post-2015, it is heartening to note that unlike the MDGs that were developed in a top down manner, development of the post-2015 framework has been consultative, at least via CSO mediated processes. Efforts such as Ground Level Panels (GLPs) by […]

Participate: Response to the High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda Report

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The UN High Level Panel’s anticipated report on what should follow the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015, was published on 30 May 2013. Participate responds to the report, based on in-depth participatory research with people living in poverty and marginalisation, from 18 organisations working in over 30 countries worldwide, which together form the Participate initiative’s Participatory Research Group network.

Explorando el poder del Video Participativo en Bolivia

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Compañeros de la red de investigación Participate de Bolivia, Perú, Guatemala y México, se reunieron en abril para explorar el poder del Video Participativo como una herramienta para la reflexión colectiva, la discusión de problemáticas sociales, la investigación e incidencia social. Este blog presenta las reflexiones de uno de los participantes.

Participatory visual processes in Nairobi’s margins

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Thea Shakrokh I recently spent a week in Nairobi with community researchers from The Seed Institute and Spatial Collective (two of the research group members within Participate []) who were learning about participatory video as an action and research strategy within their participatory research initiatives. Participatory visual processes provide creative possibilities for the very real […]

Time to Listen

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Danny Burns The Participate team spent much of last week preparing for and engaging with the High Level Panel. The panel was very open and responsive to our message, and a number of panel members filled in the postcards that we provided, asking them to indicate how they might engage with Participate. These are all […]