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Work with us: Community-driven research inspiring change

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‘People are sick and tired of being subjects of research. We are doing action research so people are becoming subjects of transformation.’ Watch the documentary film showcasing some of the participatory research carried out in 29 countries with communities experiencing poverty and marginalisation, as part of the Participate initiative.

Exploring the power of Participatory Video in Bolivia

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Version disponible en español aqui “The work with Participatory Video allowed us to recognise and prioritise our experiences arising from our daily work and embark in things that before we didn’t allow ourselves (or we weren’t allowed to do)…” One of the key activities of the Participate initiative is putting cameras in the hands of […]

Participatory visual processes in Nairobi’s margins

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Thea Shakrokh I recently spent a week in Nairobi with community researchers from The Seed Institute and Spatial Collective (two of the research group members within Participate []) who were learning about participatory video as an action and research strategy within their participatory research initiatives. Participatory visual processes provide creative possibilities for the very real […]